Storm Salvage Offer

3. Very limited supply of Native Hardwood  / Softwood mix. 3.6 m3 (1 cord). This is storm salvage timber with two pricing options:

Buy and receive now for $495 (3.6 m3 delivered)  The wood will need another 4-6 weeks to completely dry and should be stored with good airflow and cover from intensive rain.
Buy now and receive in May for $595 (3.6 m3 delivered) once fully burnable. We are burning this mix now but some pieces will benefit from more time before burning. This is a rare chance to enjoy high heat output at a low price. (A portion may have had sea exposure.  This means it has the potential to have a salt content however most hardwoods do not absorb water or salt but some people believe there can be a long term corrosion risk to flues.)